Technology Needs to be Strategic! Prodesy Tech offers Full Office IT Support giving you a single point of contact to handle all your office IT needs. We can help direct your technology to match your company’s strategic direction. As well as utilize more sophisticated use of technology for business opportunities and customer support within each office.

We provide Website Designing and Development, Web Hosting, Email Hosting, Website Maintenance, Website Errors Debugging, Beautifully Designed Landing Pages etc. Prodesy Tech has more than 15 Years Experience in Website Development. We use advanced programming Languages such as PHP, CSS3, MySQL, Javascript etc. We also design beautiful websites using Wordpress. 

System Administration (Security, Networking, VPN, Firewall) -Backup and Restoration – Virtual Machines – Database Management and Optimization -Web Server management – Website Development and Administration – Development for custom application and scripts using Bash / Python / PHP – Legacy application support, development and migration -Wi-Fi Arrays, Troubleshooting , VoIP telephony , Global Software Management , Integration and Customization, Server and Cluster Management, Web Server admin and maintenance, File sharing – For Linux/Windows/Mac/Mobile clients

Web Interface  , Voicemail to Email  , Fax to Email , PDF / Tiff to Fax Num , IVR  , Phonebook Directory , Music on Hold – CDR (Call Detail Reports through web interface) -Call Recording – Conference Rooms – Operator Panel  – User phone admin (Through webpage users can do: DND, Call Waiting, Call Forward, Call Recording, Listen to Voicemail and view call log) – Remote teleworker phone support – Ring Groups – Remote Call Pickup – Softphone for PC / Mac / Linux / Android / iPhone .

We support development on all major platforms and develop in a way that lets us use the same code on multiple mobile devices.  Meaning we can write your application once and deploy it on mobile devices  (Android, Windows, BlackBery, iOS) without having to write the application from scratch for each individual device.

Cloud VPS Hosting gives you a full Virtual  Private Server (VPS) without having to worry about hardware, UPS or maintenance. Adding  or removing servers is simple and allows you to quickly add systems or remove them as needed. You only pay for what you use when you use it.