WEBSITE Designing and DEVELOPMENT We provide Website Designing and Development, Web Hosting, Email Hosting, Website Maintenance, Website Errors Debugging, Beautifully Designed Landing Pages etc. Prodesy Tech has more than 15 Years Experience in Website Development. We use advanced programming Languages such as PHP, CSS3, MySQL, Javascript etc. We also design beautiful websites using Wordpress.

Website Designing & Development
  • Server / Web Hosting
  • Website Development and Designing (All the coding stuff)
  • Graphics Designing
  • Content Creation
  • Email¬†Hosting
Development Systems Used
  • Operating Systems: Linux, Windows and Mac
  • Web Servers:¬†Apache, Ngix, IIS
  • Languages: PHP, Python, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, ASP.NET
  • Databases: SQLite, MySQL, Postgress, SQL Server