Phone and VoIP


Elastix and Asterisk PBX phone systems based on Open Source software

This allows us to develop custom phone applications for you without locking you down to a commercial closed system.  Basically that means your not stuck paying for additional licenses when you add new phones or features.  Your only limited to what the hardware can support.  Below are some examples of custom Asterisk based systems we’ve developed.

  • Call Center Reporting – Daily reports detailing individual agent’s login/logout, time on call, received and sent calls sent via email and also stored as Word documents on file share.
  • Custom Fax Solution – Real Estate faxing dealing with 10k plus pages a day.  Routing faxes to email, company file storage, internal website based on Caller ID and agent location.  Allowing agents to get faxes from anywhere to help close deals quickly.  All without using a single fax machine.
  • Custom IVR based on database – IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution that tied into customer database to get location and status about customer and agents allow calls to be routed efficiently and callers to get what they needed quickly.
  • Remote Worker communication and tracking – Instant Messaging System tied into phones, where phone status reflects instant messaging status (“on phone”), and instant messaging status will forward phones (at lunch forwards to cell).  Also developed logging of instant messaging to track employee hours and lunch breaks.

Existing Phone Systems

Chances are you already have an existing phone system.  We can work with what you have or if you’re ready for a upgrade we can suggest a system based on your needs.
We’ve managed and installed hundreds of phone systems for Call Centers, Doctors Offices, Oil & Gas as well as a variety of remote teleworker installations.  Give us a call and we will work with you to find the best solution possible.  We will help you buy the phone system directly and you just pay us for installation and configuration services.

We are one of the best Information Technology(IT) Service Provider across the Houston .

Prodesy Tech Inc provides Houston’s most cost efficient and powerful PBX solutions. We provide training, installation and long term support.

Our Services:

* Web Interface ( Admin and programming is done through the web interface .

* Voicemail to Email .

* Fax to Email.

* PDF / Tiff to Fax Num .

* IVR ( Press 1 for sales… Press 2 for … Type of messages)

* Phonebook Directory .

* After Hours (Program the system to do different things after hours) .

* Music on Hold .

* CDR (Call Detail Reports though web interface).

* Call Recording .

* Conference Rooms .

* Operator Panel (Operator can see who’s on the phone and the call details) .

* User phone admin (Through webpage users can do: DND, Call Waiting, Call Forward, Call Recording, Listen to Voicemail and view call log) .

* Remote teleworker phone support .

* Ring Groups .

* Remote Call Pickup (Pickup a call ringing on another phone).

* Call Parking (Place call in parking then announce “Joe you have a call on 123”).

* Blacklist (Block numbers for calling you).

* Call Forwarding .

* Softphone for PC / Mac / Linux / Android / iPhone 

We spend time to make sure you and your employees feel comfortable in your new system and know how to use all of it’s features. We’ll always be available to continue to make adjustments for you and/or show you how to do them yourself.